PALACE ll: greenville’s underground art show.

Elizabeth Seward. Kayla Frost. Antonio Milan. Drew Stanley. Clair Oliver. Cassia Abbott. Alexander Harrison. Andy Warhol once said, “You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because, those are the only good things.”

Cassia Abbott’s art has so much passion + feeling. (below) “I started painting in college. I didn’t know what I was doing. I started out doing graphic design and that just wasn’t my thing. I realized that was what I wanted to do. 2004. The aviator series is based on childhood memories which is really important to me.” 

“My sister is a huge subject of my paintings. She’s beautiful and such an inspiration to me. It’s kinda a Madonna aspect + feeling.” When it comes to art she says: “Just do it. The biggest thing that’s helped me is studying it. Going to school. The progress I had made was incredible. I hadn’t had a lot of training before that. Whether it’s education or mentoring, it’s s important. Soaking it in + getting instructions.”

Most of Antonio Milan’s work imitates pain. He covers it beautifully. (below)

“As far as my paintings go, I drew a lot of them after my brother was killed. I drew all of these after my brother was killed to be honest. I kinda started exploring the idea of death, life, and trying to incorporate my feelings from him onto paper. This is from the heart.”

Alexander Harrison’s work was brilliant. (below)

“I take inspiration from many different other artists like Philip Guston. Monet, Picasso, I just take things from other artist and put them together like collages. With this show specifically I worked through different pieces in my life. My favorite piece is my piece about an ex. The symbolism.” You can contact him at

Elizabeth Seward is changing the game. Her floral displays show an emotion I’ve never seen before. ( below )

She started about two + a half years ago working under someone in Greenville. “I helped her out with weddings + stuff like that. I just decided to part ways with that. I started my own business in February 2016.” You can check out her shop Philo Floral at the link here.

The mind behind the PALACE? $amson. He originally went to USC Aiken to become a lawyer. Always had a thing for hip hop, so he started writing. Before he knew it he’d spent 3-4 hours just writing. “No one was making anything I liked so I started producing for myself. After that stage I dropped out, moved to Greenville. I was trying to find people to help me out, put on shows and no one wanted to do a single thing. So I started booking my own shows + doing my own set design. PALACE I was supposed to be a promotional for a show that I was doing + everything just worked out so well. That’s where PALACE II came from. After I did the first art show I decided to make like a series.”

WHAT’S NEXT?! $amson has a music festival coming up on May 27th called ‘Camp Hologram’, that he’s actually headlining! There’s 10 hours of music, there’s camping, tubing, clothes, arts and crafts, you have to be there. I’ll leave the link here.

“It came from just doing it all myself. When I had to struggle to make this work it made my talents blossom. Desperation, the need for this brought it out. I didn’t intend to make a wave of it. I like to see different groups of people come together, and like have a good time + just enjoy life + enjoy each other. I really don’t compromise. It’s just my money, it’s just my money in Camp Hologram, its just my hands in this thing. If no one gives you money then they can’t tell you what to do.


SHEEN Magazine Legendary Weekend ’17: the Kimmie Awards

Blue Kimble from ‘Being Mary Jane’, ‘The Game’ & ‘Devious Maids’

SHEEN has yet AGAIN, put together another successful legendary weekend. Every year continues to get better while the celebs get bigger and BIGGER! The third annual gala hosted its first Kimmie Awards as a celebratory reception for the founder and publisher, Kimberly Chapman, in which creatives and business-oriented professionals were honored in their perspective fields.

Everyone was absolutely gorgeous. The red carpet was full of high fashion + glam. There was no better location than the wild heart of Atlanta.

The night’s honoree, the TALENTED Vivica Fox.

Marlo Hampton from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and style expert, Marlo Hampton presented Catherine Brewton, Vice President of Broadcast Music, Inc. with the Music & Arts awards which honors individuals with a background in the music/art industry and have accomplished milestones in their field and have gone on to help the creative community in the process.

Stefan Washington

James and Bernard Bronner were presented the Outstanding Entrepreneurial Achievement award for their work in the hair and beauty industry with their company, Bronner Brothers.

With Woman of the Year honoree, actress Vivica A. Fox taking home the Kimmie Award that is set to annual honor women in the creative or entrepreneurial fields who has accomplished significant milestones and continues to strive for the African-American community and empower leaders.

SHEEN closed out the weekend with an Empowerment Brunch and it was slammed packed with entertainment and heartfelt words from all of the special guests. From Vivica A Fox to Melody Holt, they couldn’t have celebrated the finale of such a great weekend any better. The exclusive gathering was sponsored by none other than Mielle Organics. Publisher, Kimberly Chapman and Editor-in-Chief, Sammi Haynes concluded the event in style as always. There couldn’t have been a better ending to such a legendary weekend!


Style Appreciation Post: A$AP Rocky ft. Cara Delevingne

If you only know A$AP Rocky as a rapper, this article is for you.

A$AP’s style has made headlines from the US, to Paris, to Australia. He constantly changes the game when it comes to fashion. This icon has no limits. You guys know the drill, here’s my favorite looks from the man himself 🙂

My favorite thing about A$AP is his sense of class. His suits are tailored by the finest, and worn by the best.









Personally, his street style looks aren’t my favorite but legendary just the same. The flannels and the t-shirts, everything just goes together so smoothly. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the shoe game here <3








I saved the best for last.

Anything that has to do w/ Cara Delevingne is a must <3 lol, thanks for reading loves! xo, mikayla

“I wrote a poem about it, and then threw it away, because that’s the last thing I need right now: More words dedicated to people who will never dedicate a single thing to me”. -charlotte green

hello poetry [ two ]

love should never hurt,
but here’s how it will hurt you:
when you give your first love your heart,
they’re going to take it in their hands
and drop it.
and you will be feeling the impact of the fall for months on end.
eventually, it will fade from a constant ache
to a pain that flares up like when someone who had broken a bone in the past feels pain when it storms.
and some days, it will feel like a the rain will never stop
but other days,
it won’t necessarily be sunny but overcast and, more importantly, dry.
-today, it’s overcast.
(cc, 2017)

hello poetry [ one ]

“Advice? I don’t have advice. Stop aspiring and start writing. If you’re writing, you’re a writer. Write like you’re a death row inmate and the governor is out of the country and there’s no chance for a pardon. Write like you’re clinging to the edge of a cliff, white knuckles, on your last breath, and you’ve got just one last thing to say, like you’re a bird flying over us and you can see everything, and please, for God’s sake, tell us something that will save us from ourselves. Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that we’re not alone. Write like you have a message from the king. Or don’t. Who knows, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to.” -alan watts

Style Appreciation Post: Emmy Rossum

Not only is Emmy Rossum the cutest human being in the world, Justin Bieber’s neighbor, and the star of Phantom of the Opera: she’s one of the biggest fashionistas in Hollywood.

The thing I love the most about Emmy’s style is that she can go from elegant to street style in 0.283 seconds. Not only is she bouncing from city to city slammed up, she’s 100% comfortable while she’s doing it.

The best part about this outfit is the way Emmy layered her top. If you can’t find the skirt go for the dress!

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. She makes modest look so updated. You can never go wrong with a super classy outfit 🙂


For all you street style girls, I’ve gathered up a couple of Em’s best street style looks! The looks above are trendy but they can also seem a little basic.

This look is my favorite in her street style lookbook. Stripes are ALWAYS A YES! Emmy looks so simple but again so sophisticated it’s mad genius.

In conclusion, if you didn’t love Emmy Rossum already, I just threw you a million reasons why you should 🙂 (not just because she’s the cutest human being on the entire planet) <3


thanks for reading loves! xo mikayla

“I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapprove.” -vincent van gogh

GUEST POST by fashion designer ‘Claire Ashley’: 5 Key Factors to Watch Out For When Buying a Suit!

Going for a job interview or having a dinner tonight? All men have wanted to suit up like Harvey Specter from Suits. Some men like to have unique, versatile suits each suited for a particular event. Some would want to buy that one suit which gets them through all occasions but wait a second! Whether versatile suiting or limited selection, we all know men to be miserable at shopping.

Buying a suit can be extremely tiring, especially for a man who has not done shopping for formal wear before. We have put down 5 key factors that you should watch out before buying a suit:
Know your needs: Before spending your hard earned dollars on buying a suit, know what you are buying a suit for. Keep in mind as to “why am I buying a suit?” Do you have to attend a formal occasion, attend a banquet, go for an interview, or have a date with a loved one? A smart buyer will make a purchase that fits in most situations. It is okay to be excited for an event and shopping for something specific, but know that it’s not worth it every single time. If you had an occasion-specific suit last time, now is the time to buy a suit that mixes and matches for a number of events.

Find the best fit: A comfortable fit should be the most important factor when buying a suit. You would never like to buy a suit that you cannot fit yourself into. Imagine the buttons bursting open at your belly or sleeves folded inside to fit your arm length. Most stores offer alteration facilities, but know that you would not be able to enjoy the same great look after large alterations. Your coat should not be oversized or so undersized that it makes you look like an idiotic senior or a stupid schoolboy.

Style: Go for timeless styles. Consider your body shape and find a best fit. E.g. Slimmer men should go for broad shoulder styles and one vent. Broad men should not opt for more than 2 vents. Flat pockets should be preferred over slanted ones.

Colors and Fabric: Go for versatile colors that can cover most of the occasions for you. Black should be avoided as it is mostly for funerals. Instead opt for colors like navy blue or classic charcoal. These colors can be worn on a number of events, including funerals. For fabrics, you should stick to the usual ones like wool.

Match the accessories: You would obviously wear the suit with a few accessories such as a shirt, tie, cufflinks and belts. You do not need to be very specific here as well. Do not ignore the accessories as you can never complete your look without them. Dark colored shirts look better with light colored suits. Ties should be simple and with solid patterns. The accessories also allow you to be flexible e.g. you can get more than one shirt and tie with your suit and dress up differentially for different days.

Author Bio:

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂

GUEST POST from Ryan Duffy: Female Fashion Trends Set for Spring 2017!

This Spring we are going to be celebrating individuality and style, so whether your style is quirky, bold or sporty, 2017 style has got you covered! Fashion Week has set the tone for style and this Spring is going to be about everything 80s, so put on your disco colours and have fun with it!

Boyfriend Chic:

Femininity is being redefined in 2017, so expect to see a lot of people overthrowing their tight clothing for the comfy “boyfriend chic” look. This Spring we are going to see a heavy focus on baggy clothing and designers like Antony Murato and are going to be big. The 80s are going to be big this Spring, so pairing big airy tops and bicycle shorts are going to be the way to go! So if you love to steal your boyfriend’s T-Shirts and sweatshirts now you have a great reason to!

Sporty Spice:

Athletic inspired outfits are going to grow in popularity this Spring, after hitting the runway with an “easy elegance” vibe, expect to be swapping your jeans for joggers and gym pants this Spring. Forget about suffering in the name of style! Now wearing sporty clothing is less about getting fit and more about getting in line with the seasons latest comfy trend.

Seaside Stripes:

The runways at fashion week have been filled with brightly coloured “seaside stripes” which have a real British Summertime vibe to them. Think beach umbrellas, brightly coloured deck chairs and ice cream weather. This Spring is going to be all about celebrating your childhood memories at the seaside, so beach colours and seaside stripes are going to be a wardrobe staple.


Following with the sporty comfy vibe that Spring is going to bring, expect to see a lot of trainers and sporty footwear to finish off an everyday look. The best thing about wearing the right kind of trainers is that you can wear them at any time of the day, whether you’re having a casual day out or going out at night, trainers have you covered! There are so many styles, brands and fits that the choice is endless, so get creative with your footwear this spring!

Shake Up Your Makeup:

This Spring we are turning our backs on sweet pastel colours and romantic pinks to make way for a bolder and brighter palette. This Spring our eyeshadow palettes should be filled with deep oranges, purples, blues and greens and our makeup bags should be filled with bold coloured lipsticks and lots of glitter. Fashion Week has set a tone for the future of makeup, and it seems that this Spring is going to be all about the 80s, so expect to see a lot of sparkle, bold colours and big hair!

Sabrina Carpenter | EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE + interview

February 2017: Revel Event Center (304 E. Stone Ave.) | Sabrina Carpenter performed EXCLUSIVELY in Greenville, SC for the FIRST time. You may recognize the starlet from Disney Channel’s hit TV show “Girl Meets World“. What I bet you didn’t know, is that she’s also widely recognized for her music. She performed her biggest hit “Thumbs“, as the crowd went WILD. Thumbs went up in the air while the irony + passion fumed the room. I asked her what her preshow routine was + she confidently replied: “Jamz + dancing on the tour bus!”

I’ll attach my concert video here for all you lovelies <3  Thank you ‘Revel’ for having us!

Exploration Post: Abbeville, SC

I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect to come back from Abbeville as inspired as I am. I couldn’t wait to get back home and start on this article. This town may be small, but the memories I brought back were anything but mini. I’ve never brought my mom on one of my explorations before, so I brought her + we met up w/ my friend Janae who just happens to be a local 🙂

It’s rare to go someplace you’ve never been and feel more at home than ever. Everywhere I ventured came with new experiences. HUGE thank you to Renee Smith of the Belmont Inn. I’d also like to thank William Savitz of the Village Grill along with his wife Molly. The Belmont provided us with a complementary stay for my article + the Village Grill gave us a complementary meal. They also did everything they could to give us the best experience possible <3

The history of the Belmont Inn screams from every nook and cranny. I was exploring + I found a large scrapbook. It held pictures of the Belmont Inn’s grand opening in NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR. Why is this hidden gem the perfect place? Because instead of wiping away all the history, the owners kept it updated. You’ll find antiques all over the inn. From typewriters to a gorgeous sleek black piano casually piecing the space together. It’s the cleanest + classiest place. Renee + everyone along with her made sure our stay was exceptional.

“Currently, the Inn has 25 remodeled rooms. Enjoy the dining room, serving freshly prepared food in a casual elegant atmosphere; and the “Tinker’s Alley,” serving a bar menu and libations, now open for business. The Inn also has ample meeting space for corporate retreats, meetings, and seminars, as well as wedding receptions, class, and family reunions. The Belmont Inn offers a perfect getaway for your corporate clients and family with comfortable rooms, meeting space, and exceptional food. Our room was stunning. Drapes swept over the blue walls, christened by the sun. The furniture was perfectly placed from the brown oak desk to the couches by the window. Our view was like no other, staring right out into the square.”

the belmont inn scrapbook

For dinner, we headed out to the Village Grill (110 Trinity Street Abbeville, SC 29620) I discovered this place during my Abbeville research. They’re most popular for their homemade food + incredible service. It was Friday night + packed. Even so, the wait was only 10-15 minutes! We were led into a lovely waiting room covered in love seats. The couple across from us told us all the desserts were to DIE for. They also advised us to check out the specials! As a vegetarian, I was excited to see what options would be available.

A few minutes before our names were called, one of the workers came in to take the trash to the back. As the couple was describing the desserts the lady exasperatingly fell to the ground, expressing how amazing the food was. Y’all it was HILARIOUS + she was so sweet. We later found out she was the owner’s wife Molly!

First we all ordered a house salad. It came with iceberg + leaf lettuce topped with grated Monterey Jack cheese, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, chopped eggs, bacon and almond slivers. My mom also ordered a Ruben sandwich. It was a thin sliced spiced beef brisket topped with swiss cheese and sauerkraut, with spicy mustard and mayo. Served on grilled rye. Janae ordered the Blackened Chicken Fettuccine. The fettuccine was tossed in a rich parmesan cream sauce with cajun spiced chicken, baby spinach and mushrooms. All together I had the salad + an order of their SUPER CRISPY FRIES they were so good. BTW I know some of you guys are vegetarians like me, I asked for no bacon on my salad + it was no problem 🙂

I actually got to sit with Molly for a few minutes! She makes the desserts with REAL marshmallows + graham crackers. Also, I thought it was neat that she never buys cookies, like most restaurants do. When asking what I should order, she said “Each pallet is different, so go with your craving.” Point is, you can’t go wrong 😉

janae <3

For dessert my mom got the cheesecake with raspberry sauce + I ordered the turtle cheesecake. The pecans + caramel/chocolate on the top of my cheesecake made the whole cake extra delicious! *insert heart eyes* lol. I can HONESTLY say it was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.

Saturday was just as exceptional. Breakfast was SO good. It’s continental + they have all your favorites from oatmeal to fresh orange juice. Literally everything is fresh + the coffee is home brewed. Most of the items are in the breakfast room 24/7, which totally helped my midnight cravings haha! During breakfast I ran into a lady named Beck. I remember her so well because I recall her being incredibly sweet. I believe she said she was the inn’s event planner. Also, I thought it was neat that she was a teacher for over THIRTY years. Every employee in that hotel is so down to earth + truly care about their town + it’s history.

After breakfast I decided to do some thrift shopping. There’s a Goodwill only 20 minutes from the Belmont Inn. On my way out, Renee told me there was live music in the square that night at this place called Natty’s on Trinity! It’s right across from the Village Grill.

I heard the music AS SOON as I pulled onto the street. It was love at first sight. As soon as I walked into Natty’s everything hit me at once. Words nor pictures can do Natty’s justice. I was consumed with positive vibes as creativity poured out of every being around me. Fortunately, we got there just in time for the band to start. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard real music that strong. They bled their hearts out on the stage + I felt every emotion + every pluck. To my left, there was a table covered in food + art supplies. A notebook left open, displayed these INCREDIBLE drawings. I wanted to take a picture but I refrained out of respect for the artist.

In the back of the building there was a table set for chess, which I shamelessly destroyed my mom in. Across from that table there were a set of stairs that led to a loft. You could see the entire restaurant from up there. In the corner was a stand with every record you’ve ever wanted. Like I said, as much as I try words can’t do it justice. Lucky for you guys, I took pictures 😉 Natty’s also has open mic, trivia, karaoke, and more! If you’d like more details on events happening, feel free to call at (864) 366-6288.

Overall, I had an amazing trip. As usual thank you guys for reading + supporting 🙂 see you on my next adventure. xo, mikayla

“When you’re traveling, you are what you are, right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”
— William Least Heat-Moon