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Pentatonix & Us the Duo: live at Bon Secours!

I STILL can’t believe so many people showed up for an a cappella concert. Before we get to that, let’s talk about Us the Duo. Micheal & Carissa Alvarado. All they had was a piano & a mic but they were breathtaking. They truly tried to express themselves through their music. Carissa even sat on the corner of the stage and LITERALLY sang to the crowd. I can’t think of anyone better to open for Pentatonix.


Before I knew it, Pentatonix were rising from the bottom of the stage. Screaming came from every which direction as they bounced onto the platform one after the other. Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi. What left me awestruck was the fact that each voice seemed complimented all the others. According to some nearby fans, Mitch is the fashionista of the group so he’s definitely my next “style steal” victim 😉


WHEN HALLELUJAH CAME ON THE VIBE OF THE ENTIRE VENUE SHIFTED. Phone flashlights lit the arena as Pentatonix honored Leonard Cohen in song.


I’ll leave the setlist and a bunch of other cool pics below! Of course, I happen to leave my camera at home so everything are compliments of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

TBT: Bieber’s ‘Believe Tour’ & why you should pay $2000 for a selfie

To be honest, 40% of the concert was screaming. On the other hand, the other 60% were some of the best moments of my life. Not just because Justin flew over us with angel wings made of guitars. Not just because we made accidental eye contact. It was because as much as most people don’t wanna admit, THE KID HAS TALENT. From what I remember, Hot Chelle Rae & Cody Simpson did some breathtaking performances. If anyone deserved to open for Justin it was them. As I jumped up & down in my wrinkled Bieber shirt perfectly in sync with the crowd, I got a glance at this girl’s wrist. Her bracelet had the words “VIP” engraved. She told me she was meeting the star after the concert. I’d begged & begged my mom for meet and greet tickets but she said I was too young to appreciate it. Although she was right, that’s one of my biggest regrets. Not jumping at the opportunity!


In 2013 it was $500 to meet Justin. The price increased to $2000, the cost of a small car. Let’s be honest. Biebs is just gonna keep getting better and better. In another three years the price is just gonna get higher and higher. I mean hey, it’s $10,000 to meet Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas. There are three different VIP experiences: $375 for the “Where Are You Now” VIP #Purpose Experience, $925 for the “I’ll Show You” VIP #Purpose Experience, and $2,000 for the Ultimate #Purpose Experience. You COULD pay $925 for a group photo but there’s a high chance you’ll be that one girl on the end who doesn’t even get to touch him…but don’t loose hope! You can always buy normal seats for hundreds of dollars less. Don’t wait too late. He starts his 58-date North America tour in Seattle on March 9, 2016. And for those of you still hating on Justin solely because he sounds like a girl, you should go and love yourself <3