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Faces of Royalty Annual Fashion Show


“The Faces of Royalty is a benefit Designers and Fashion show to support our youth initiatives. It combines multi-levels of cultural creativity that represent our richness in the areas of the arts, spoken language, poetry, music and clothing designs.”

I’m such a sucker for fashion. From the music to the lights to the atmosphere. This particular show happened to have an amazing cause behind it. Brie Merritt, event planner & fashion blogger, partnered with an organization called Beyond Differences.  Beyond Differences is an organization in Greenville, SC that helps high schoolers transform their lives. Photo and video production was done by NELSONMERRITT PRODUCTIONS. If you’d like to check out their work, I’ll leave the link here!

Huge shout out to the host Breylan Jones; not just because he made me belch out an R. Kelly song haha. It was so exciting sitting across from fashion blogger, Janerio. Her outfit was gorgeous, and faux fur is always a plus 😉 Last but not least Tre Chapman of Sheen Magazine was in the building! I’ll post his outfit below. In case you didn’t know, he and Brie were the power couple of the evening <3 The poet was amazing, the clothes were amazing, the drinks were amazing, and the fact that it was all for a good cause puts the icing on the cake. PLUS THERE WAS AN AFTER PARTY.

I took a few photos of my favorite looks of the night. As always, I’ll save the best for last!


This was one of my FAVORITE models of the night. Her sophisticated looks had everyone starstruck. The casual tie-dye top clashed with the heels in the best way possible.


Brie Merritt

Best for last: Brie’s look! It’s the same one Ericka Mena (star from “Love and Hip Hop New York”) owns! You can pick it up atinterwinecollection.com, as well as her gold ornament holiday bag. The jumpsuit was $215 and the bag was $50. She ROCKED it. The diamond choker completely pieced the entire thing together. If you wanna check out her fashion blog I’ll leave the link here. She’s absolutely incredible & such kind person. I had BLAST covering this event & I hope to do it again soon!

5th Annual Samaritan’s Foot Gala: we had no shoes??

I’d never heard of the Samaritan’s Feet organization until a few months ago. This life changing organization LITERALLY help children by washing their feet and providing them with shoes. At the same time, these amazing people keep them believing that anything is possible. One step at a time. (If you’d like to check out the website, I’ll leave the link HERE.) EVERYONE was barefoot. The message was beautiful with a smudge of creativity. We checked in our shoes when we checked into the event.

everyone's shoes


“Samaritan’s Feet is a 501 (c)(3) organization that shares a message of hope and love through washing the feet of impoverished children around the world and adorning them with new shoes.”

This years 5th Annual Gala was held at the Le Méridien in Charlotte, North Carolina. A GORGEOUS LOCATION along with fine dining. Jacinta Jacobs and Fly Ty on Air were our emcees for the evening. Last but not least, the founders. Manny and Tracie. They started out in their garage, with faith. Determined to make a difference, both in his homeland and around the world, Manny and his wife, Tracie began Samaritan’s Feet in 2003. Through Samaritan’s Feet, Manny has the opportunity to continue the legacy of love and hope he received when he was given his first pair of shoes and make a difference in the lives of millions.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Did you know there are 2.2 billion people living in poverty who can’t afford education and basic articles of clothing like shoes? Did you know over 1.5 billion people are infected with diseases that are transmitted through contaminated soil? Did you know shoes and socks are reported to be in the “Top 5 Items Needed” by students in school? We take advantage of the fact that we have so much more than the average child in foreign countries. Keep them in your prayers. Although this organization has made a difference in millions of lives, there are still so many without the privilege.

A volunteer went to Nigeria and told the story of a boy. A boy in a school with no school supplies. She was washing his feet and discovered a razor in his sock. When she asked his teacher why he had such a thing, she said it was his pencil sharpener. It’s the little things. While giving ice cream to children, she noticed they weren’t eating it. Since it was their first time eating ice cream, the kids were trying to save it for later. It’s the little things.

“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own head and heart and hands, and then work outward from there.” -Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

If you’re interested in hope for mankind, check out this beautiful article HERE. xo

Style Steal w/ Guest Blogger “Locating Lifestyle”

Hey guys it’s Mikayla. So today, Paige of Locating Lifestyle is guest blogging! You can check her blog out hereeeee. This blue haired beauty & I paired up to discuss the one. The only. Zoe Kravitz. Her style is breathtaking while the simplicity is enough to make you shudder. Here’s her Style Steal:



Hey loves,

I’m rather excited to share with you today a style steal post! The style we are stealing today comes from one of the queens of street style, Zoe Kravitz. I find so much inspiration in this woman when it comes to style! In my opinion, Zoe is one of those people that can pull off any look and not even just pull it off. She manages to rock it! Some of my favorite moments of her is when she was photographed in the street on an average day in casual everyday clothing. The way she can pull together simple pieces such as converse and sweat pants into a stylish outfit is simply magnificent. The outfit we are going to dive into today has different features you can pull inspiration from to make an outfit of your own, but this post is going to focus on recreating Zoe’s specific outfit in the picture below.



Let’s get going!!!

Gray Undershirt: http://us.sheinside.com/Grey-Short-Sleeve-High-Low-T-Shirt-p-217651-cat-1738.html?url_from=platee150615501&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfGR8j6y8zFNAbQeKTCEm6QTs6VQjvTte2o7hHbNpBBoaAkpN8P8HAQ

Camel Sweater: http://www.rosewe.com/long-sleeve-skew-neck-khaki-sweater-g142339.html?currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfJ6x1nU3NJaPBptwGpbxjWi41Q_66v3PS9fWjveRh-AaAuAE8P8HAQ

Wide leg Camel Pant: https://sophieandtrey.com/high-waisted-trousers-camel?gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfEL_6aDt54RIGmHAP90RWy6GJT_0o1TtU3d_5LMpSy0aAkVm8P8HAQ

Camel Trench Coat: http://www.asos.com/New-Look/New-Look-Double-Breasted-Waistcoat/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=6197179&cid=11893&Rf-800=-1,57&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Camel&totalstyles=35&gridsize=3

Black Creepers: http://www.hottopic.com/product/black-lace-up-creeper/10431818.html?CM_MMC=CSE-_-GGL-_-Shoes-_-1_9999W1_CSE_GGL_Shoes_10431811&003=29905769&010=10431818&mr:referralID=a9146368-f02a-11e5-8e98-0050569406b5&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfAtBqm7NuQsQekl6bkLrHD0WmAZII9_nlaCD0sInpLsaAklv8P8HAQ

Ray Ban Sunnies: http://www.ray-ban.com/usa/sunglasses/RB3447%20MALE%20031-round%20metal-gold/805289439899?category_Id=25800

Black Leather Satchel: http://www.steinmart.com/mondani-new-york-shaffer-buckle-tabs-satchel-zid25-59405183/cat-25-catid-50?gdftrk=gdfV217917_a_7c1522_a_7c5673_a_7c59405183&kid=154b5013-a9d7-42e9-a4c6-fa696b63f5c9&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=&camp=ppc:google:PLA%7CCatchAll%7CT1:Non-Brand:All:all%5Cother&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfESRgzSohnfYg0KhNuqGjn7UyYH_V5UuVVee8Z3PnMwaAjjV8P8HAQ

Menswear in the Women’s Closet: Guest Blogger


It’s my delight to introduce a guest blogger Paige Callahan of Locating LifeStylePaige is an artist, photographer, and fashionista. Although her specialty is fashion, she blogs about just about everything. She’s incredible and without further ado, here’s Paige!

By: Paige Callahan


Lately I’ve been really inspired by menswear, and the idea of women taking pieces from the mens section and wearing them on a day-to-day basis.Today we are going to break menswear into two categories: Casual & Dress. I’m going to give you a few images of the women I find inspiration in concerning menswear, talk a little about what they are wearing and how its menswear inspired, and give you all some tips on how to incorporate menswear into your wardrobe.





Erykah Badu and Zendaya Coleman are two current women that are rocking this style and they are the two we will be focussing on today. They each have a very different take on the style, and that’s why I chose them. While Erykah stays true to her funky, excessive but put-together style, Zendaya goes her more more streamline, smart, and street-chic approach. We’re going to start with looking at each of their takes on bringing casual menswear into the woman closet and then move right on into the semi-formal outfits!

The star piece in this outfit I would have to say are the overalls. The piece itself gives for a more tomboy feel, and the distress adds to the relaxed vibe of the outfit. Like always Erykah’s accessories are a key piece in the outfit and a way she stays true to her style. The way she has layered necklaces that have a single piece on a more bulky chain feeds to the idea of a chain a man might wear. I think it’s important Erykah pulls her look together with a trench style coat and black high-healed booties. The red studded accessory at the top of the booties allows for a smooth transition between the contrasting footwear and denim overalls.
Pulling inspiration straight from a man’s closet, Zendaya is seen in this picture wearing a flat bill NY hat and a fitted white tank. She has also played on the distressed looking denim adding to the tomboy look. The black high-healed boots and trench are used here again to streamline the look for a more put together feel while staying relaxed. The gold hardware seen on her boots and her hoop earrings are more of a metal that would also be seen in the men’s fashion world.






Once again Erykah has taken inspiration from menswear by styling a set of leather overalls with a fur cuff at the ankle, a streamlined trench, and the simple statement necklaces that could resemble a man’s chain. One of the new menswear pieces that stands out in this piece for me is the top-hat. This is something I have seen Erykah wear multiple times and she never fails to rock it. Her bold frames also add to the more masculine side of the outfit. The whole idea of limited color in her outfit is very reminiscent of what most guys are comfortable with in their own wardrobe.
Zendaya slayed this plaid two piece suit. It’s clear to her see the menswear inspiration in the outfit through the colors, patterns, and fact structure of the suit. By using a white t-shirt Zendaya was able to let her primary colored plaid set stand out even with her flashy gold accessories. I love how the tone of the metal accessories bring out the glow in her skin tone. The whole outfit works together in a way that creates a chic woman in power vibe while still being playful and young!.

Tips Styling Menswear
1.) Stay simple in regards to pattern, color, and accessories.
-Stick with earth tones and maybe a splash of reds and blues. Patterns should stay manly by wearing geometric prints such as plaid, and vertical and horizontal line. Accessories should also be simple and not have too much bling or color.
2.) Look for more classic pieces.
-Pieces such as a tapered trouser and a simple white tee can instantly create a blank menswear template for you to add your own touch too.
3.) Raid your dad’s closet.
-Finding inspiration in men around you is one of the best ways to find your own take on the menswear trend. Using pieces from your dad or brother’s closet makes for a great place to start trying things out.