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Sheen Magazine’s Legendary Weekend

During April 29th through May 1st, Sheen Magazine had their Legendary Weekend Event “Celebrating A Decade of Beauty Cultivation.” First off, I’d like to thank Sheen for letting me cover the event while being so accommodating to my aunt Ivy & I. I’d also like to thank Uber for getting us through Atlanta safely! If you don’t know what Uber is: download their safe app. No matter where you are, you can get a ride completely cashless. In fact, Joe Jones is an Uber driver in LA! Sign up with my invite code {mikaylah263ue} to get your first ride completely free!

Kim Chapman and Sammy Haynes

Ivy & I arrived to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis during the Women’s Panel. The popular hotel was packed! We pulled up to valet. Since there were so many people, the valet wasn’t able to accommodate us so we had to find a parking garage near the hotel. I’d done some research the night before and as it turns out, Mockingjay Part 1 & 2 were filmed right in the middle of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Anyway, when we walked in the panel was being hosted by Kim Chapman. Mrs. Chapman is the sole publisher of Sheen Magazine. There were some truly inspiring panelists, my favorite being Mushiya. If you haven’t heard of her, I STRONGLY encourage you to look her up. I recorded her entire speech word for word. To paraphrase, she has a TV show called Cutting it in the Atl. She brought out how she started her salon “The Damn Salon” with a comb, a chair, and a goal. her goal was to make natural hair beautiful. As she cleverly put it, don’t waste your time having a dream when you should be having a GOAL. The fashion icon definitely made her mark. I promise you this, she left everyone in that room inspired.

After the women’s panel came the men’s panel. Between the two, this one had the most celebrities. I had the priveledge of sitting front row. “What a Man Wants” was hosted by Sammi Haynes the editor & chief of Sheen. The panelists consisted of Christian Keyes (Saints & Sinners, Beauty and the Beast, Madea Goes to Jail, Diary of a Mad Black Women, etc), T.W. Dawson (motivational speaker, author), Pastor Adrian Davis, Tre Chapman (Chapman Founder Chair as well as Mrs. Chapman’s son) and Andre Braxton (Braxton Family Values, author). When I saw the pictures of the panelists I did an instant double take. I KNEW TRE CHAPMAN. I work at Banana Republic where he and his gorgeous girlfriend are two of our favorite customers. I had planned to go up to him after his panel, but I was surprised to see him appear right beside me! “You work at Banana Republic right?” I couldn’t believe he’d never brought up that his mother owned a magazine, but I realized that I never brought up I was a blogger. I’m always nervous when covering events, but the fact that I knew a familiar face settled my stomach. After the men’s panel I got to meet the rest of the panelists. All the women seemed to make a beeline for Christian Hayes. The highlight of that panel was after my selfie with Mr. Braxton. He asked for one of my business cards. While my aunt & I mingled, I received a few business cards myself. The creator of Lyne Cosmetics from was so intriguing. She makes her own cosmetics and hires her own models. Her products have made celebrity appearances on Nickelodeon, participated in Ryan Seacreast giveaways, and were featured in the Water Mercedes Benz Fashion Show. A portion of each purchase is donated to end violence against women. Then, the CEO of Wrighteous Entertainment offered me his card. He manages not only his daughter, but many young actors/singers in the Atlanta area. Last but not least, Nelson-Merritt Productions. They’re an incredible photography & videography business that I encourage everyone to look in to. Especially since it’s wedding/graduation season.

The Men’s Panel

We called an Uber & headed to Lenox Square since we had a few hours before the Black Tie Gala started. The shopping mall was packed, but we managed to find everything we needed. I picked up a few graduation gifts & Ivy threw herself into the clothes. As I walked into Urban Outfitters, I checked my phone to find multiple text messages from a friend in Atlanta. I had known Beyonce was in the area because she had a concert at the Philips Arena the next day. Thanks to her, I discovered that it was rumored Beyonce was in Lenox at that exact moment. So I did what any fan would do. I got on Twitter… & as it turned out, the term “Lenox” was trending #1 worldwide because of the superstar. I still don’t know for sure if Beyonce was there while I was, but the fact that we shared the same city that day made all the difference.

As we Ubered back to the hotel, our driver passed the hotel drop off spot twice. I was so frustrated because the Gala was supposed to be the main event. Thankfully when we got to the red carpet, none of the honorees had arrived yet. I quickly found a spot in the mob of press. I was probably the only one who wasn’t from the Atlanta area. As the honorees started arriving, the commotion started getting bigger. Security was perched at each door while pressed workers rushed to get everyone in their seats. The honorees & special guests were Kelly Price (six time Grammy nominated singer), Margaret Avery (American actress & singer), Judge Glenda Hatchett (featured on The Tyra Banks Show, The View, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CNN, etc), Renee Lawless (Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots), Angela Robinson (Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots, Law and Order: SVU), Cocoa Brown (Ted 2, The People v. O.J. Simpson, Breaking Bad, The Single Moms Club, ER, Austin & Ally, The Arsenio Hall Show, etc), Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values, The Wendy Williams Show, BET Awards 2001, etc), Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, BET Awards 2015), Jasmine Burke (Saints & Sinners, Ride Along, TVD, Meet the Browns, etc), and many more. The neat thing is, a couple days before the event, Margaret Avery commented on my Instagram picture. We had a small conversation, so when she arrived at the end of the red carpet I was so pumped to tell her who I was. Unfortunately, her manager whisked her away.

Most if not all of the special guests were located in Atlanta, although Sheen Magazine is located in Fountain Inn. The entire Gala was amazing. Under the dim of the lights and the shimmer of the dresses, I felt like I was under the stars. I’ll leave Sheen’s website here. They have events like fashion shows so often & I definitely encourage you guys to check them out. Until next time Atlanta!

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel


Simon’s VIP Shopper Night


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I’m not sure if it’s procrastination or I’m still in shock. I’m so honored to have been invited to do a style session for Simon’s VIP Shopper Night. It wasn’t my first appearance as a writer but, it was my first time talking about what I love in front of all my wonderful friends and family. I picked “UrbanWear” as my theme because living in a small town, it’s what I see less of. Individuality.

I chose 3 models: Adayzha James, Alex Webb, and Kaylee Jeffries (Miss Young Teen Greer). They were kind enough to let me dress them up, huge thank you Banana Republic for the clothes. (You can explore their website here.) As we arrived, the velvet ropes were going up and the vendors were setting up.

Adayzha: Her gorgeous shaded black hat matched perfectly with the floral romper. The green army jacket fitted effortlessly with the brown belt fastened. When you’re thinking urban, green is definitely a must. If anyone could’ve rocked this outfit it was HER.

Kaylee: The first outfit that I chose for her was stunning, but she has such a radiant personality that we got more creative. Black and white stripes will NEVER disappoint. In fact, I think it was her idea. We threw a blue jean jacket over it to create the most amazing combination. Green pants? I think yes.

Alex: Alex’s look wasn’t very difficult. As much as I hate to admit it, guys usually rock the urban look without even trying. The pattern on the button-up coordinated along with the blue shorts and tan jacket. When you’re thinking urban, think solid colors with patterns.



I’d like to thank Brave Relations, Simon Properties, and Banana Republic. Can’t wait until next time!

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Charleston Fashion Week: I sat across from Fern Mallis??

CHARLESTON FASHION WEEK WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Huge thank you to the staff for providing our passes. On Saturday March 19th, I had the honor of covering this event with upcoming designer/close friend Makaila. You can check out her shop here and I’ll put her social media here. She’s also an upcoming photographer from Atlanta who kindly agreed to come along and photograph the event.

First of all, just being in Charleston was fascinating. Although it wasn’t my first trip, getting to explore on our own time was such a breathe of air. The palm trees gently brushed against a nearby Urban Outfitters, while the smell of food intoxicated the air. For those who don’t know, most of the movie The Notebook was actually filmed on King Street in Charleston. Plus, even though the fashion show was in Marion Square, we were walking distance from Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Passing the church where so many innocent people were killed was eery, but inspiring. Just another addition to a life changing night.


The Youngest Models of the Night


On arrival of the event, we headed to the media section to pick up our press passes. I was literally shaking with excitement. Fern Mallis was the lead judge of the show, who traveled all the way from New York. As Creator of New York Fashion week, she leads fashion shows worldwide including Miami, Los Angeles, and Moscow. Fern was a host of 92Y Fashion Icon series with guest such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Dian von Furstenberg. She appeared on Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, She’s Got the Look, and The Fashion Show. I actually read an article before the show from September. Fern was offered a front row seat at Kanye’s Yeezy Season 2 collection but Kanye was a little upset that she didn’t show up. You can read the article here.

Danjoint Photography_19_3

Makaila (right) and I

The lavishly furnished tents reeked of preparation for what lie ahead. Security guards and policeman surrounded the tents. There wasn’t a model in sight, just eager guests waiting to see what the designers had in store. (You can watch my video of the BELK tent here.) I arrived to my seat early. Sparking VOSS waters comfortably sat on each chair. The seats on my row were all labeled media. I was seated on the second row mid stage.

During the show countdown, I noticed a lot of commotion on the other side of the runway. It turned out, all the designers and special guests were right across from me. Including Andrea Serrano. She arrived in a stunning red dress, gracefully greeting the guests around her. Andrea wasn’t only a weekly judge, she’s a popular fashion blogger in the Charleston area. Not only did she do the costume shopping for Army Wives, she also worked with national brands such as Refinery 29, Williams Sonoma, Macy’s, QVC, Maybelline, Sony Records, and more. You can check out her blog here.


Fern Mallis (middle) acting as Lead Judge

I was fortunate enough to acquire press passes to the Emerging Designer Competition. (You can watch my videos of the other lines hereherehere, and here.) Everyone’s lines were so unique but the one that really stood out to me, and apparently the judges as well, was Destani Hoffman’s line. She expressed her emotions in her pieces which were dark, leaving everyone hopelessly mesmerized. As the winner, she received $10,000 as well as an internship. You can see the clip of her line I got here.

After the show we skipped the after party and headed back to the hotel. Some locals informed us that even at such a late hour, most of the restaurants on King Street were still open. So we headed into a taco shop. Thankfully they had a vegetarian menu. On our way back to our car, I noticed there was a women behind us trying to get through. I moved to the side and she noticed my swag bag from the fashion show. “Were you guys at the show?” she asked. We explained that we were press and she introduced herself as ONE OF THE JUDGES. There we were. Walking down King Street with Karen Lee Grybowski. She served as the director of scouting for Wilhelmina, Pauline, and Elite Model Management, as well as traveled the globe looking for new faces. In 2009 she started the Karen Lee Group, a scouting firm that places models with amor agencies around the world. (You can check out her website here.)


Andrea Serrano (left) and Karen Lee Grybowski (right)

As we walked down the dimly lit street, I jokingly asked her if Makaila and I had any chances at becoming models. She stopped in her tracks and immediately studied us. Although Makaila didn’t reach the height limit, she said that I had an interesting look but I needed to get in shape. She proceeded to give me her phone number and encouraged me to shoot her an email. I was dumbfounded.


The BELK Tent

As we made our way to the car, tacos in one hand and swag bags in the other, we both silently knew that what we experienced that night was so rare. Everyone on that runway was stunning and I’ll never forget how fortunate I was to be in attendance.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” -Marc Jacobs

TBT: Bieber’s ‘Believe Tour’ & why you should pay $2000 for a selfie

To be honest, 40% of the concert was screaming. On the other hand, the other 60% were some of the best moments of my life. Not just because Justin flew over us with angel wings made of guitars. Not just because we made accidental eye contact. It was because as much as most people don’t wanna admit, THE KID HAS TALENT. From what I remember, Hot Chelle Rae & Cody Simpson did some breathtaking performances. If anyone deserved to open for Justin it was them. As I jumped up & down in my wrinkled Bieber shirt perfectly in sync with the crowd, I got a glance at this girl’s wrist. Her bracelet had the words “VIP” engraved. She told me she was meeting the star after the concert. I’d begged & begged my mom for meet and greet tickets but she said I was too young to appreciate it. Although she was right, that’s one of my biggest regrets. Not jumping at the opportunity!


In 2013 it was $500 to meet Justin. The price increased to $2000, the cost of a small car. Let’s be honest. Biebs is just gonna keep getting better and better. In another three years the price is just gonna get higher and higher. I mean hey, it’s $10,000 to meet Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas. There are three different VIP experiences: $375 for the “Where Are You Now” VIP #Purpose Experience, $925 for the “I’ll Show You” VIP #Purpose Experience, and $2,000 for the Ultimate #Purpose Experience. You COULD pay $925 for a group photo but there’s a high chance you’ll be that one girl on the end who doesn’t even get to touch him…but don’t loose hope! You can always buy normal seats for hundreds of dollars less. Don’t wait too late. He starts his 58-date North America tour in Seattle on March 9, 2016. And for those of you still hating on Justin solely because he sounds like a girl, you should go and love yourself <3


TBT: Austin Mahone w/ Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, & Alex Angelo

This story is absolutely insane. Like literally, you probably won’t believe me but it’s the honest truth I swear.

It all started when I didn’t have a ticket to the biggest event of the season. The concert was the next day & I felt like the only teenager who didn’t have a ticket. The website read “SOLD OUT” & I’d lost hope. While scrolling through Twitter I ran across this girl named Alex giving away a free ticket so I immediately DM’d her. She said she would be more than happy to give it to me. As I excitedly told my mom the news she said I needed to be cautious. That night I asked Alex to send me a picture of her and the ticket. Just as I thought, it was legit. So the next day we met at the gate and entered the venue. It was outdoors which wasn’t too bad because the weather was perfectly warm. I was thrilled to find our seats so close up! My friend Caroline wanted to come to but she was in the same predicament I was in. No ticket. So she showed up and a radio station GAVE HER A FREE TICKET on the spot. Caroline eventually linked up with us.

When Alex came back from using the bathroom, she told us she ran into one of Austin’s friends on the way back. He told her to come around back by the buses after the concert so obviously, we had to. When Shawn went on, we were literally crying. So we snuck up to the front. When I say front, I mean we got up to SECOND ROW. Close enough to possibly touch him if we jumped high enough. Alex was crying the hardest, so Shawn took notice and smiled at us while he was singing. That’s right. EYE CONTACT. The lady beside us had been giving us dirty looks and she went up to the guard. We nervously watched as he marched up to us and demanded to see our tickets. As we made our way back to our seats, Fifth Harmony came on. To be honest I spent most of the time during their set making space on my phone for Austin.

When Austin got on stage, the crown ROARED. He was sensational. On his last set we decided we should get a head start towards the buses like Austin’s friend suggested. On our way we passed by some little girls at the fence who didn’t have tickets and were watching from afar. Our attempt to give them our tickets failed but at least we’d tried.

The walk to the buses had my stomach in knots. Were we really gonna meet Austin? Or Shawn? Fifth Harmony? When we got there, a few girls were already standing there. As soon as the concert ended, disaster struck. Hundreds of fan girls came running to the buses. The had spotted us and word traveled fast. We were feeling pretty discouraged, so a group of us came up with a plan. When the crowd dispersed we would sneak in. As we stood there, Fifth Harmony CAME OUT OF THEIR TOUR BUS. We screamed for them and they headed our way! They were almost to us when their bodyguard, Big Rob, stopped them. He told us they weren’t allowed to come out and meet us. Camila Cabello blew me a sad kiss. We kinda smarted off to Big Rob and he yelled at us, obviously frustrated. Later we apologized and he let us all take photos with him. Later we discovered he was one of the most legendary bodyguards of all time. He’s guarded celebs like Britney Spears. The Janoskins, and the Jonas Brothers. He’s the big black guy that rapped in the music video “Burning Up”.

When the crowd got smaller, we regrouped. The fence around the gate wasn’t all that high & it was pitch black. We went around back and started off peeking through the fence covers. We could see some backup dancers taking a smoke. One of the girls dug a hole and put her little sister under the fence. With no luck, Alex climbed the fence halfway for a peek. Her cutting her arm was the worst, most best thing that could’ve happened. Since Caroline & I were with her, the three of us got rushed inside the fence. Blood was everywhere and she’s looked like she was gonna pass out any minute. On our way in I looked around for Austin but he was nowhere to be found. Neither was Shawn. We could hear them laughing inside their buses. As Alex sat at the medical table I wandered around. I tried to get close to an RV but a tall muscular guy immediately asked me what I was doing. I explained that my friend had cut herself so he rushed to the medical table. I later saw the man in a few of Austin’s Instagram pictures. Turns out he was Austin’s personal bodyguard. After we were escorted out, we ran into Austin’s backup dancer, then headed home. Big Rob said they were leaving at 3 am. It was midnight. None of us wanted to stay that late. There were a few older fans who did & I always wonder if they got their meet and greet. Later, Alex said Austin’s manager met her at the hospital, apologized, and gave her merch. The next day, Alex Angelo followed me on Twitter and favorited my tweet about the concert. August 31st, 2014 can only be described as unbelievable.

TBT: The Big Ticket Fest

Two weeks. It took me a little over two weeks to collect my thoughts. I know I promised I would update you guys later that night but how do you describe something so indescribable?

First off, the Big Ticket Fest is an annual music festival usually featuring alternative music. I hadn’t heard about it until two of my friends invited me to grab a ticket and tag along. We all planned on getting VIP tickets which added up to $111.00 each. A small price for an experience so great. (Plus general admission was sold out.) ANYWAY, the six hour drive to Jacksonville, Florida was nothing compared to the line that awaited us. It was a two minute walk just to get to the back, carefully dodging the unofficial t-shirt sellers. Helpful hint: always wait until the end of a concert outside the venue to get your shirts. By the end of the night the shirts were five bucks while everyone else was buying them for $45 inside. When the line finally started moving, we were able to head through the VIP entrance. 


There’s wasn’t much difference between general admission and VIP but if we didn’t have the VIP tickets we would’ve never gotten as close to the stage as we did. Out of 65,000 people we ended up FIFTH ROW. This meant that if we were to leave our spot, there’s no way we were getting back. To be straight up: we were in the front of a mosh pit. No food, no bathroom, no water. If you were fortunate enough to have someone from the back of the festival send you a drink via security guard, it wouldn’t be long before the bathroom started calling your name. The guy behind you sneezed? You’re gonna wanna shower when you get back to your hotel.

As a non-smoker, standing in the mosh pit took some getting used to. Eventually I had to flat out cover my nose with my jacket. A smoke between shows was a regular thing with most of the older fans. Definitely some of the nicest people I’ve ever met though. Underneath all the black leather jackets and the neon North Face’s, we were all there together as a whole. So many different kinds of people in one place for one thing. If there’s anything I learned it’s that music really does bring people together. You never really feel what that means until you’re surrounded by it. (No pun intended.)


I decided that instead of attempting to describe how incredible the music was, I’ll let it speak for itself. Lola Rising. BØRN. Coleman Hell. Saint Motel. Robert Delong. PVRIS. X Ambassadors. Mutemath. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Glass Animals. The Neighbourhood. Walk the Moon. Of Monsters and Men. Twenty One Pilots. ‘Nough said. DEFINITELY think about going next year, you won’t regret it. Check out some clips herehere and here.