PALACE ll: greenville’s underground art show.

Elizabeth Seward. Kayla Frost. Antonio Milan. Drew Stanley. Clair Oliver. Cassia Abbott. Alexander Harrison. Andy Warhol once said, “You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because, those are the only good things.”

Cassia Abbott’s art has so much passion + feeling. (below) “I started painting in college. I didn’t know what I was doing. I started out doing graphic design and that just wasn’t my thing. I realized that was what I wanted to do. 2004. The aviator series is based on childhood memories which is really important to me.” 

“My sister is a huge subject of my paintings. She’s beautiful and such an inspiration to me. It’s kinda a Madonna aspect + feeling.” When it comes to art she says: “Just do it. The biggest thing that’s helped me is studying it. Going to school. The progress I had made was incredible. I hadn’t had a lot of training before that. Whether it’s education or mentoring, it’s s important. Soaking it in + getting instructions.”

Most of Antonio Milan’s work imitates pain. He covers it beautifully. (below)

“As far as my paintings go, I drew a lot of them after my brother was killed. I drew all of these after my brother was killed to be honest. I kinda started exploring the idea of death, life, and trying to incorporate my feelings from him onto paper. This is from the heart.”

Alexander Harrison’s work was brilliant. (below)

“I take inspiration from many different other artists like Philip Guston. Monet, Picasso, I just take things from other artist and put them together like collages. With this show specifically I worked through different pieces in my life. My favorite piece is my piece about an ex. The symbolism.” You can contact him at

Elizabeth Seward is changing the game. Her floral displays show an emotion I’ve never seen before. ( below )

She started about two + a half years ago working under someone in Greenville. “I helped her out with weddings + stuff like that. I just decided to part ways with that. I started my own business in February 2016.” You can check out her shop Philo Floral at the link here.

The mind behind the PALACE? $amson. He originally went to USC Aiken to become a lawyer. Always had a thing for hip hop, so he started writing. Before he knew it he’d spent 3-4 hours just writing. “No one was making anything I liked so I started producing for myself. After that stage I dropped out, moved to Greenville. I was trying to find people to help me out, put on shows and no one wanted to do a single thing. So I started booking my own shows + doing my own set design. PALACE I was supposed to be a promotional for a show that I was doing + everything just worked out so well. That’s where PALACE II came from. After I did the first art show I decided to make like a series.”

WHAT’S NEXT?! $amson has a music festival coming up on May 27th called ‘Camp Hologram’, that he’s actually headlining! There’s 10 hours of music, there’s camping, tubing, clothes, arts and crafts, you have to be there. I’ll leave the link here.

“It came from just doing it all myself. When I had to struggle to make this work it made my talents blossom. Desperation, the need for this brought it out. I didn’t intend to make a wave of it. I like to see different groups of people come together, and like have a good time + just enjoy life + enjoy each other. I really don’t compromise. It’s just my money, it’s just my money in Camp Hologram, its just my hands in this thing. If no one gives you money then they can’t tell you what to do.


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